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Looking for a SKIMS dupe? Shop alternatives at CurvesWear!

5 Feb 2024

Looking for a SKIMS dupe? Discover CurvesWear!

Discover the smart choice for affordable luxury with our selection of SKIMS shapewear dupes. If you're looking for high-quality alternatives to SKIMS without the high price, you've come to the right place. Explore our shapewear options that perfect your silhouette without spending too much money on it. Let us tell you more about affordable shapewear that is just as effective as the original. Get the contours you want with our recommendations so you can look and feel great, without having to compromise on quality. Explore our selection of SKIMS dupes and choose your favourites!

What is SKIMS?

SKIMS, founded by reality star and fashion icon Kim Kardashian, is a leading shapewear brand that has attracted global attention. Launched in 2019, the brand is one of the fastest-growing shapewear brands in recent times.

The brand is known for its thoughtful designs and high-quality materials, making it the go-to choice for those looking for comfortable and effective shapewear. With a focus on inclusivity, SKIMS offers an extensive range of body-sculpting apparel, ranging from underwear to dresses. The brand has raised shapewear standards by seamlessly combining style and functionality, making it a favourite among enthusiasts.

Our selection of SKIMS dupes

At CurvesWear, you'll find an extensive selection of shapewear that perfectly matches SKIMS' style and quality, but at affordable prices. Explore our versatile collection of SKIMS dupes that range from elegant dresses to comfortable corrective bodys. Whether you're looking for a SKIMS dupe dress or the subtle correction of a corrective body, our range offers enough choice to find a full-fledged SKIMS dupe.

  • SKIMS dress dupe

SKIMS is known for its luxurious collection, but the price tags can be a stumbling block for some. Fortunately, there are brands that offer similar styles without the high price tag. CurvesWear has an impressive selection of SKIMS dress dupes that are not only affordable, but also offer high-quality materials and comfort. You can find a SKIMS dress dupe in our corrective underdresses category. You can wear an underdress under your clothes, but some people also wear their shapewear as a garment.

skims alternatief shape jurk

  • Correcting bodysuits

One of the most sought-after items in the SKIMS collection are the corrective bodys. These garments are designed to shape and accentuate your body. CurvesWear offers a variety of corrective bodys similar to the SKIMS styles. Whether you are looking for a seamless finish or extra support, we have the perfect SKIMS dupe for you!

  • Bye Bra

Discover Bye Bra's versatile shapewear at CurvesWear, with an extensive collection offering perfect SKIMS dupes. Although Bye Bra is mainly known for its corrective bodies and other shapewear, the brand has the same attention to detail and innovation as SKIMS. Our selection includes several shapewear options that are comfortable and affordable, allowing you to achieve your desired contours without compromising on style. Bye Bra proves that high-quality shapewear doesn't necessarily have to come with a high price tag. At CurvesWear, you can enjoy these smart alternatives to the iconic SKIMS style.

  • MAGIC Bodyfashion

Magic Bodyfashion is another brand known for its innovative shapewear solutions. Similar to SKIMS, Magic Bodyfashion offers a range of products that help you perfect your silhouette and give you confidence. Browse our range of MAGIC Bodyfashion and find out which SKIMS dupe best suits your needs.

@jessie toont het alternatief voor skims

  • Prima Donna

At CurvesWear, you'll discover a versatile selection of Prima Donna shapewear that serves as excellent SKIMS dupes. Prima Donna is known for its luxury lingerie, and our collection brings the same sophistication and quality to your wardrobe, but at a more accessible price. Whether you're looking for subtle shapewear for everyday wear or seductive pieces for special occasions, Prima Donna's stylish alternatives offer the perfect balance between comfort and glamour. With Prima Donna shapewear, you'll enjoy style and comfort without the price tag of high-end brands.


SKIMS, launched by Kim Kardashian, is distinguished by a focus on contemporary designs and luxurious materials. On the other hand, SPANX, a pioneer in the shapewear industry, has built a reputation for its advanced technologies and proven results in figure correction. Although SKIMS and SPANX have similar prices, the quality of the shapewear is also similar.

When considering these brands from the Netherlands, SPANX shapewear is easier to order through Curveswear.com. With a wide range of SPANX shapewear, from bodies to leggings, you can enjoy the proven quality and innovation that SPANX offers, with the convenience of fast delivery and reliable service. Discover the convenience of ordering SPANX through CurvesWear in the Netherlands.

SKIMS dupe order at CurvesWear

If you're looking for a high-quality SKIMS dupe that's friendly to your wallet, look no further than CurvesWear. From corrective bodys to corrective petticoats and from Bye Bra to MAGIC Bodyfashion, we have plenty of affordable alternatives to perfect your silhouette. Discover the affordable luxury of CurvesWear today and find your SKIMS dupe easily in our webshop!

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