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Flat stomach shaping underwear

Does everything you eat spontaneously stick to your stomach? Or are you not a fan of vigorous exercise? A little belly is lurking, or if you have an apple-shaped figure, you might already have a belly. Want to make your stomach look flatter? Shaping underwear and beautiful shapewear add that extra touch to your lovely dress or pants. There are many choices in shapewear to make your stomach look a bit flatter. In our online shop, there is something for every figure. Discover the magic of shapewear and get that flat stomach with shaping underwear!

Why choose shaping underwear for stomach camouflage?

Shaping underwear is a true game-changer for anyone aiming for a flat stomach. This smart lingerie not only provides immediate and visual benefits but also brings a wave of confidence. With shapewear for your stomach, you're assured of:

The ideal silhouette

Shapewear for your stomach gives you an immediate change in silhouette, making your clothes fall better and giving you an instant boost in confidence.

Optimal wearing comfort

Thanks to modern materials, shaping underwear for your stomach not only provides shape but also comfort, allowing you to wear it effortlessly all day.

Increased self-confidence

Seeing a flat stomach in the mirror, thanks to shaping underwear, can give a powerful positive boost to your self-image and self-confidence.

A top secret

The subtle design ensures that shaping underwear remains discreet, making you feel confident without others knowing. Ideal, isn't it?

By regularly wearing shaping underwear, some people may even experience long-term changes in their posture and self-image, contributing to a positive emotional impact in the long run. Create a flat stomach with shaping underwear and make a statement!

Clothing tips with shaping underwear for a flat stomach

If you want a flat stomach and want to reduce your belly fat, a healthy diet is, of course, the first step. But that won't help if you have a party to attend in a few days and want to look nice and slim. Camouflaging your little belly is a better plan. There are several ways to camouflage a little belly. The first step is to wear shaping underwear for that flat stomach. Additionally, you can also camouflage your belly with certain clothing items. Below are the best clothing tips and ideas for shaping underwear that help with a tight stomach.

1. Go high

Wear high-waisted pants. These keep your stomach in check, especially if you wear shaping panties underneath.

2. Loose shirts

Hide your little belly under a loose-fitting shirt or top. Fabrics like lycra or stretch accentuate your love handles, which you might want to avoid. Opt for calm prints or vertical stripes to emphasize your silhouette. A shaping camisole under your top also helps keep your belly in check.


In loose tunics or boho dresses, your little belly is not visible. A shaping bodysuit underneath also works wonders.

4. Belt at hip height

Accentuate your figure with a belt at hip height; it breaks up the silhouette, making your little belly less noticeable.

And, of course, shapewear or shaping underwear helps keep your little belly in check. Below, find out what shaping underwear is best to buy for a flat stomach. Discover our selection of shaping underwear for a flat stomach and shine in your outfit!

Our range of shapewear for the stomach

At CurvesWear, shapewear enthusiasts find an extensive selection designed to embrace, shape, and flatter. Whether you're looking for subtle correction for everyday use or more powerful shaping for a special occasion, our assortment has something for everyone. But what shaping underwear should you choose for a flat stomach? Below, read about the possibilities.

Shaping bodysuit for a flat stomach or tummy

Most shaping bodysuits provide a flat stomach and take care of your waist right away. Many bodysuits have a hook-and-eye closure at the bottom, making bathroom visits easier. You can choose a bodysuit with minimal shaping or a firm shaping bodysuit. Nowadays, shapewear bodysuits are also available in beautiful colors.

Strong shaping bodysuit for a flat stomach

It's time to rock that flat stomach! In our shop, you'll find the ultimate strong shaping bodysuit for a flat stomach. The bodysuits are made of sturdy fabrics that flatten your stomach and make you shine. Let the fabric hug and support you in all the right places, making you feel not only sexy but also super confident. So put on that bodycon dress, pull out your favorite jeans, and rock that flat stomach in all your outfits!

Shaping camisole & Shapewear panties

If you find a shapewear bodysuit too much hassle, you can opt for a shaping camisole combined with shapewear panties. The ease of use is much higher, and you can wear it daily. Whether you're going for a daily look or preparing for a special occasion, our shaping camisoles and shapewear panties are your secret weapons for a confident look.

Shaping pants

Why wear shaping underwear under your clothes when you can wear it as clothing? In addition to shaping underwear, we also offer shaping clothing, such as pants. Take a look at our shaping jeans or how about shaping leggings? Especially if you wear a lot of dresses or tunics, combined with pantyhose or leggings, it's a solution.

Shapewear dresses for a flat stomach

Discover the ultimate shapewear dress at CurvesWear, designed to give you that flat stomach and make you shine. Our dress combines powerful correction with ultimate comfort, so you feel confident without compromising on style. Whether you want to wear that tight evening dress or just show your best self every day, our shapewear dresses are your secret weapon. Choose shapewear that is as fantastic as you are!

Shaping slip from high to low to string

Shaping slips come in many shapes and sizes, from shapewear strings that particularly correct your stomach to high high shaping slips that correct your stomach and waist to shaping panties with legs that also smooth your legs.

Shaping slips for a flat stomach

Shaping slips are your personal Photoshop for a flat stomach! They embrace your curves, discreetly intervene where needed, and create a silhouette that will leave you speechless. Feel confident and create a flat stomach with shaping underwear!

Shapewear for every figure

Whether you want to emphasize your curves, shape your silhouette, or just boost your self-confidence, CurvesWear has the perfect shapewear solution for you. Choose comfort, style, and self-assurance with the diverse range of shapewear from CurvesWear and easily shop your favorites online.

Free Advice for a Flat Stomach

Consider beautiful Shapewear when weight loss is challenging, to support your diet (you instantly see the possibilities) or when you simply want to smooth out your body.

curveswear fitting room

Also, take a look at the Curveswear Fitting Room. In this magazine, you'll see the typical characteristics of your body shape and which shapewear suits it best. Not sure what to choose? Ask us for advice; we're happy to help! Request your free and personalized shapewear advice here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you have a thick stomach?

Officially, as a woman, you have a thick stomach if the circumference of your stomach is more than 88 centimeters. However, the feeling of a thick stomach can be different for everyone. It also depends on the time of the month and other circumstances. If you want a flat stomach and want to reduce your belly fat, a healthy diet is, of course, the first step.

How effective is shaping underwear in achieving a flat stomach?

Shaping underwear works by applying compression to specific areas, reducing bulging and unwanted curves. It can help shape the waist, reduce belly fat, and create a desired silhouette. For immediate results, such as for special occasions, shaping underwear often provides a quick solution.

However, it is important to note that shaping underwear does not offer a long-term solution for weight loss or muscle building. It is more of a cosmetic approach to promote the appearance of a flat stomach.

Does shaping underwear help improve posture?

Yes, the support provided by shaping underwear can contribute to better posture. Compression stimulates the back muscles to adopt a straighter posture, not only contributing to a slimmer appearance but also reducing back pain.

Are there different levels of compression available?

Yes, shaping underwear is available in different levels of compression, ranging from light to strong shaping. This allows you to choose the right level based on your comfort and the desired degree of correction.

Are there health risks associated with wearing shaping underwear?

Generally, shaping underwear is safe to wear. However, it is important not to choose it too tightly, as this can cause discomfort or restrict blood circulation. Regular breaks during prolonged wear are recommended. If you have health issues, it is advisable to seek advice from a healthcare professional.