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1 Choosing Shapewear

1.1 Which size?

Selecting the correct size for your shapewear is crucial. A size that is too small may compromise comfort, while a size that is too large may not optimally shape your figure. Shapewear should be comfortable. If it's not, it's often due to buying the wrong size or not putting it on properly (see question 2.4).

Shapewear comes in various shaping levels;

  • Light shaping smooths your body. Choose this when you don't need heavy correction but want to look a bit more streamlined.
  • Medium control is the most common, especially for daily wear. It offers comfort and reduces bumps and bulges.
  • Strong control is powerful shapewear typically worn at parties and special occasions. You'll feel this shapewear, but it truly transforms your body, enhancing your outfit. Many women opt for  a shape Body, which features a special panel for your tummy, waist, and back, providing the firm correction you desire.

Each brand uses its unique sizing. That's why CurvesWear provides the correct measurements in centimeters for each size on its website. Before ordering, measure your dimensions to ensure you choose the right size. 

1.2 Roll above your Panty?

A roll above your panties may suggest that your panties are too tight or not high enough. Opt for higher panties that sit at your waist or high-waist panties that reach below your bra line. In the latter case, your stomach area is also shaped immediately.

1.3 Benefits of a Camisole

One advantage of a shaping camisole is that some can be worn as outerwear. If you normally wear a camisole under your blouse, this is the perfect solution. It shapes your stomach and looks stylish. Camisoles do not compress the chest, so they won't flatten your breasts.

corrigerende bermuda

1.4 Prevent Leg Lines

If your panties cut into your legs, it's related to the size of your underwear (see question 1.1) or the shape of your legs. In this case, consider choosing bermuda shapewear. These shaping bermudas are thin and comfortable, providing good support without cutting into your legs or riding up. You can also check out CurvesWear's Fitting Room for advice tailored to your body type.

1.5 Plus Sizes

Research shows that sizes M and L are the most commonly purchased shapewear sizes. In the CurvesWear webshop, you'll find these sizes most frequently. We offer a variety of items in larger sizes, going up to 4XL.

platte buik

1.6 Flatter Tummy

If you desire a flatter tummy, there are several options. Most commonly used are shaping briefs or high-waist briefs (briefs that reach your bra line to flatten your midsection). Have you also considered a bodysuit or dress to make your stomach appear flatter? Explore all the possibilities here.

1.7 Large Cup Size

For those with a larger cup size, shapewear may flatten your breasts. This can be uncomfortable. CurvesWear has chosen to offer as few products with built-in bras as possible.

1.8 Colour

For light-colored clothing, it's best to choose nude, soft nude, or white shapewear. Under white garments, you can also wear red items without them being visible. When wearing darker clothing, the color doesn't matter as much, whether it's black, nude, soft nude, white, or another shade like dark nude or pink.

shapewear aaantrekken


2 Putting On and Wearing

2.1 How Does It Stay in Place?

Corrective underwear stays in place beautifully, provided you wear the right size (see question 1.1). The quality of your shapewear also affects the fit. All the brands available at CurvesWear are of high quality. They take into account the possibility of shapewear shifting out of place and design their products to avoid visible edges on your legs or back. This careful consideration is evident in features such as silicone edges and straps, an additional layer in a skirt or dress, extra shaping around the buttocks to prevent flattening, or preventing the underwear from riding up between the buttocks. Of course, you can also tuck your shapewear into your pants (in the case of a camisole), which keeps it in place more effectively.

2.2 Preventing Ride-Up

Dresses or skirts with silicone at the bottom generally stay in place and don't ride up. There are also dresses designed not to ride up, even without silicone edges, such as these dresses. If you're wearing tights, you can spray a bit of hairspray on them to ensure your shapewear dress or skirt stays in place.

2.3 Preventing Rolling 

Waistbands that are pulled too high tend to roll over. Pull the band up to your waist or under your bra (in the case of high-waist shapewear). If the waistband still rolls even when you haven't pulled it up too high, you likely have the wrong size. Check here for Shapewear Briefs and High-Waist Briefs.

high waist slip

2.4 How to Put On?

Putting on shapewear is straightforward, but you need to know how. You put it on like you do with tights. The trick is to fold your underwear and make it as small as possible.

Shaping Brief

  • Fold it together and step into it.
  • Pull the crotch against your body.
  • Pull it up to your waist.

Shapewear Bermuda

  • Fold the legs up.
  • Gather the shorts and step into them.
  • Pull the crotch against your body.
  • Pull it up to your waist.
  • Fold the legs down.

Shaping Bodysuit

  • Lengthen the shoulder straps.
  • Fold the bodystocking down.
  • Step into it.
  • Pull the crotch against your body.
  • Pull up the bodystocking.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps to the right length.

Shapewear Dresses and Shaping Camisoles

  • Lengthen the shoulder straps (if they're adjustable).
  • Step into it.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps to the right length.

Check out this Fitting Guide too.

2.5 Bras

You can wear your own bra underneath most shaping tops, bodysuits, and slip dresses. CurvesWear has chosen to include only a limited amount of shapewear with built-in bras in our collection, allowing you to wear your own bra with all our products. For Hi-Waist models, it's even practical to put on your Hi-Waist first and then your bra, as your bra keeps your Hi-Waist in place.

shapewear legging

2.6 Feeling Warm?

How warm shapewear feels depends on the material used and how it's constructed. There's an increasing availability of breathable, beautifully designed underwear that provides adequate shaping. Shapewear made of polyamide and elastane feels cool, smooth, and soft against your skin.

2.7 Avoid Pulling It Over Your Head

Pulling shapewear over your head can affect its elasticity because it gets stretched more than necessary. Check out this brief instruction on Putting On Shapewear.


3 Washing

3.1 How Do I Wash My Shapewear?

For more information, please refer to this file; using a laundry bag is always a good idea.


4 Health and Pregnancy

4.1 Is Wearing Shapewear Healthy?

 In the past, when only very strong shapewear was available, people experienced health issues (stomach, intestines, breathing, etc.) after wearing these products continuously for days. Nowadays, we have shapewear in multiple shaping levels: light, medium and strong. If you experience discomfort in your stomach or intestines, you can wear strong shaping shapewear, but only when you're heading to that fun party in that beautiful dress. At other times, you'll feel more comfortable in light or medium shapewear. It's essential to purchase the right size (see 1.1) and listen to your body. Shapewear should be comfortable, and if it feels too tight, it could potentially cause issues in the long term. It's also an indication that you may not be wearing the right product. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

4.2 Shapewear When Pregnant

Special products are available for pregnant women. This shapewear enhances your figure, providing additional support to both the belly and the back. It drapes nicely over the belly, making love handles less noticeable. Don't use regular shapewear when you're pregnant, as it can cause discomfort in specific areas. Find more information on wearing shapewear during pregnancy here


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5 Other Questions

5.1 Materials

The most commonly used materials are Polyamide and Elastane. Occasionally, cotton is also used in shapewear. Information about the materials used can be found for each product under the 'specifications' heading.

5.2 Shopping at CurvesWear

CurvesWear is the expert in shapewear, offering an extensive range of beautiful, comfortable, and attractive shapewear. We're delighted to share all the information and knowledge we have about shapewear and its use with you. Our priority is ensuring that you make an informed choice. And, of course, if you're not satisfied with your purchase, no problem—all purchases can be returned. If you order over €70, we'll send your order to you for free, and you'll generally receive it within 2-3 working days.


6 CurvesWear Fitting Room

Especially for you, we've created the Curveswear Fitting Room. Every woman's body is unique, so we've indicated which shapewear is most suitable for four different types of female bodies. You can download it for free here


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