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Shapewear for Beautiful Buttocks & Legs

If you don't have them naturally, you can create beautiful buttocks and legs with the right shapewear, such as panties that don't flatten your buttocks but rather lift them a bit. Opt for shaping shorts with legs that also smooth out your legs. A shaping leggings also has an immediate significant effect. Of course, the shapewear dress is suitable for every woman, especially if dresses are your favorite outfit.

Achieve effective shaping with the CurvesWear Fitting Room

Buying the right shaping underwear becomes easier when you know the shape of your figure. For example, an A-figure may not benefit much from panties that come up to under the breasts, and a shaping short may likely ride up if you have an O-figure. The CurvesWear Fitting Room provides information on which shapewear is most suitable for different body shapes.

Reduce the visibility of cellulite with shapewear

Cellulite, dimples, orange peel skin, bumps, and lumps – we have various names for those uneven areas, especially on your buttocks, legs, and upper arms. Many women struggle with it and try to hide it.

These bumps and lumps are visible when you wear thinner fabrics and clothes that fit a bit tighter around your body. Your beautiful clothes may not look the way you want them to, and you might feel a bit insecure.

However, there's no need for that because there are effective ways to hide cellulite so you can confidently show off your buttocks again. The right shapewear, often in the form of shorts with legs or shaping leggings, can provide a solution. Some shaping shorts offer a subtle effect and are very comfortable, while others provide a firmer correction. If you have flat buttocks, shorts with extra padding can be a solution.

Check out the Curvy blog on cellulite for information on what you can do to reduce cellulite visibility.

Shape your belly as well

AIf you want to give your stomach some correction, there are shaping shorts with a shaping front panel. If you also want to shape your waist and abdomen further, there are even shorts that reach your waist or go down to under your chest. This enhances the appearance of your outfit and allows you to embrace your curves even more.