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Chafing legs

5 Feb 2024

The 6 best tips against chafing thighs

Suffering from chafing legs in summer? These tips will help you avoid this painful summer ailment on hot summer days. With the higher temperatures in spring and summer, you naturally want to wear skirts and dresses without experiencing too much discomfort. Unfortunately, the warm temperatures can make this a painful affair for many women. As soon as your upper legs stick together and rub, a painful reaction can occur in the form of rashes or even small burns. Super painful which makes wearing skirts and dresses more often avoided. A shame, because there are solutions to prevent painful legs. With the following tips, you can wear skirts and dresses all summer long! Show off those legs!

Go straight to shorts against chafing thighs, or patches for chafing between legs  if that's what you're looking for.

The cause of leg chafing

The reason why you may suffer from chafing between the legs more often in summer is because your skin swells due to the warm temperatures. This causes your thighs to stick together and rub against each other, so to speak. In winter, when it is cold and you wear trousers more often, the fabric cushions it, whereas with bare-leg skirts and dresses, this is obviously not the case.

So the cause of chafing between the legs is mainly due to higher temperatures, which prevent sweat glands in your skin from draining the sweat properly and therefore clogging up over time. This can lead to the necessary skin irritation. Finally, this summer ailment cannot be blamed on (over)weight, for instance, but mainly on the build of your body. Indeed, any woman whose thighs touch while walking or standing can suffer from this! (and there are many of them, with both size 36 and 46)

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The consequences

Leg chafing can cause uncomfortable skin irritation. You get red and painful skin with red bumps or blisters. Your skin may also thicken slightly and there may be scrapes and itching. Not pleasant when you want to walk around with bare legs for days! Of course, if it bothers you, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The following tips will help you! Try to keep the skin cool with a flannel and make sure the skin does not come into physical contact with each other for a while. Generally, the skin irritation will go away within a few hours to a few days.

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, you would prefer to avoid this painful skin irritation. Think you can only wear trousers in summer now? No! Thankfully, no! There are a host of solutions that will help you avoid sticky and chafing, sweaty thighs and especially the nasty skin irritation that follows. Curious about the tips and tricks that could help you? Then read on and keep trying things out! What works for one person may not work for another.

Tip 1. Use Tape

Stick specially shaped tape, Tape that Thigh, on your thighs and you won't be bothered by anything. The tapes are perfect for summer when you want to protect your thighs but don't want to wear hot shorts under your dress. The 'Tape That Thigh' is available in 2 sizes and they are disposable.

tape that tightape that tigh nude

Tip 2. Trousers with legs

Some women cut off a pantyhose or leggings themselves, but there are also special thin, shorter panties available that are more comfortable to wear. Panties with legs offer less freedom of movement than thigh bands but are still very comfortable to wear. A panty with slightly longer legs are a very good solution under a skirt or dress. is a very good solution under a skirt or dress. This way, moisture is absorbed and your legs remain free from friction, your skin can breathe, and chafing of your skin is thus prevented.   The sleek smoothers shortie is a very thin panty with a little bit of correction and works perfectly against chafing thighs.

thinstincts 2.0 tegen schurende benenbroekjes met pijpjes tegen schurende benen

Tip 3. Shaping Pants

Combine the practical with the pleasant and wear shaping panties with legs under your clothing. This way, your outfit looks better and thanks to the longer legs of the model, you avoid skin irritation between your thighs. At CurvesWear.com, you will find various models of shaping underwear, made from different materials and available in different colors. Choose from the range of shaping underwear and beautiful shapewear the panty that suits your problem area and combine the practical with the pleasant in one purchase.

sweet control corrigerende short janira

Tip 4. Lubricate against skin irritation

What is often given as a tip is to lubricate with special creams. These special creams form a kind of protective layer on your skin, making your legs rub (less to not) against each other, but creating a gliding effect, so to speak. As a result, an abrasive effect is less likely to occur and you are less likely to suffer from skin irritation. Don't want to spend money on expensive creams? Vaseline and lubricant are often suggested as tips. Vaseline is quickly absorbed, so after a while you will have to apply more lubrication. Lubricant, on the other hand, is very slippery. All in all, there are plenty of liniments available that can protect your legs, but you will have to find out what works best for you and is most comfortable when wearing a skirt or dress!
A cream especially for chafing thighs is Vevina Wear a dress again cream body cream. You can also buy this cream from CurvesWear, click on the image for more information.

vevina wear a dress again

Tip 5. Use talcum powder

If the above solutions are not suitable for you and you find the feeling of slippery legs very uncomfortable, talcum powder is another alternative that is often used. The powder absorbs moisture, keeping your legs dry for a certain period of time. The big disadvantage of talcum powder, however, is applying it. Of course, you don't want white spots on your clothing or powder on your legs.

Maybe it's better to go for shorts after all?


Tip 6. Use of thigh bands

Another commonly used alternative is thigh bands. These are bands made of fabric that you can wear around both thighs under a skirt or dress. They are available in different types and sizes and are made of various materials. It depends on what is comfortable for you! The fabric of the thigh band absorbs sweat, so your legs will rub against each other less. This makes wearing a skirt or dress a pleasant experience again. You can buy simple ones in one color and made of cotton, but there are also sexier variants on the market, made of lace, for example. A small disadvantage of this alternative may be that they can slip down or roll up during the day because they are not attached anywhere, but this is often prevented by a silicone edge on the inside of the band.

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