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Cellulite? Here's how to make it less visible

5 Feb 2024

Make your cellulite less visible with shapewear

Cellulite, pits, dimples, orange peel, bumps and bulges we have all kinds of names for that uneven skin on especially your buttocks, legs and upper arms. Many women suffer from it and try to hide it. What is the best way to do that? And how come you actually suffer more from those welts and dimples than your girlfriend? Why does cellulite bother a man less or not at all?

We answer these and many other questions in this Curvy blog. We also give you the best ways to make your orange skin less visible. After all, being ashamed of it is the last thing you should do and really isn't necessary, let's see those buttocks!

Cellulite or Cellulite?

The word cellulite is often used colloquially, but it is actually incorrect. Cellulite is actually an inflammation of the subcutaneous connective tissue in which you have a lot of pain and red hot skin. Cellulite, however, is the right word.

Orange peel

Cellulite is common in women on the skin of the legs, buttocks and arms. Cellulite has to do with changes in the connective tissue under your skin that make small fat deposits visible. Your skin then no longer looks smooth and feels bumpy. It takes on an orange peel-like appearance. For this reason, it is often referred to as orange peel skin. Cellulite is thus also called orange peel skin.


uitleg cellulitis

In the places where you suffer from cellulite, blood circulation or blood flow is also worse or less good than in other places. The dimples and bumps on your body often feel a lot colder than the rest because your blood does not flow as well there. In a high-temperature environment, these places often take longer to warm up than other parts of the body.

With cellulite, the dimples and bumps in the skin can be slightly sensitive, but it is never really painful. Orange peel skin is completely harmless. About 90% of Dutch women suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent.

Is obesity the cause of cellulite?

It is often thought that cellulite is caused by being overweight. This is only partly correct! A slim woman can suffer from cellulite just as much as a slightly fuller woman. You are more likely to get this if you are overweight, though, because you simply have more fat in your body that can cause orange peel skin.

The main reasons for getting cellulite;

  • Because you are a woman! Your female forms (hips and thighs) contain more fat than men do. Under the influence of the hormone oestrogen, this fat supply is also maintained
  • Eating unhealthy and processed foods. Among other things, eating foods high in fat, salt and sugar promotes more fluid and fat retention on your curves
  • Cigarette smoking ; your circulation gets worse from smoking and makes your skin less elastic
  • Inadequate exercise which means your body's blood flow is not optimal
  • Ageing causes the elasticity of your skin to decrease, unfortunately there is little you can do about it
  • Hereditary predisposition look at your mother, does she suffer from orange peel skin? Chances are you have it too then, that's a genetic story.

5 tips to prevent or reduce cellulite

Once you have orange peel skin, it is hard to get rid of, but you can reduce it with these 5 tips;

  1. Make sure you eat a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fresh produce such as unprocessed vegetables, fruits and grains. In addition, eat enough lean proteins in a day. And if you do crave something greasy, eat unroasted and unsalted nuts.
  2. Scrub your skin once a week for better blood circulation. This will give your fat less chance to accumulate.
  3. Moisturise your body with firming creams and oils. Lubricate yourself after every shower and take care of your skin daily.
  4. Go to the sauna regularly to detoxify your body and skin. Besides, the hot temperature of the sauna is also good for the flow of your blood. Your skin will become more elastic as a result.
  5. Drink plenty of green tea. Like the sauna, this drink also helps detoxify your body.

Show your buttocks!

The above advice is good, of course, but in the meantime, you will still have cellulite for the time being. Those dimples and bulges are very visible when you wear thinner fabrics and wear clothes that are a bit tighter around your body. As a result, your beautiful clothes don't always look the way you would like them to and you may be a bit insecure about them.

That is not at all necessary because nowadays there are very good ways to hide your cellulite in a subtle and pleasant way so that you dare to show your buttocks again. With the help of the right shapewear, a lot is possible.

Often, shapewear trousers with legs, nice corrective leggings are the solution to this.

There are corrective shorts that have a very light effect and are particularly comfortable like these super thin but medium corrective shorts from Spanx

thinstincts short

You can also opt for shapewear bottoms that give a slightly firmer correction but are very cool and breathable.

If you feel the need to give your tummy some correction as well, there are shapewear bottoms with a corrective front panel.

If you also want to add shape to your waist and stomach, there are even bottoms that drop to your waist or below your chest. This will make your outfit stand out just a bit more and allow you to embrace your curves even more. Check out these beautiful high bermuda shorts:

maxi sexy high bermuda


You can also opt for anti-cellulite leggings. You wear these leggings under your trousers, house suit or pyjamas. The working effect lies in the massaging effect and the heat effect produced by the Emana fibre.

anti cellulite legging


The shapewear effect

het shapewear effect bij cellulitis

CurvesWear has a wide range of different bottoms, fashionable leggings that are the ideal solution against cellulite or orange peel skin. Choose from the range the bottoms or leggings that suit your problem area and thus combine the practical with the pleasant in one purchase.
Discover the extensive range and choose what suits you and dare to show off your buttocks!


voor en na shapewear sinaasappelhuid

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