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Shapewear for Men

Shapewear for men is underwear designed to shape and support the body, similar to shapewear for women. It is often worn under clothing to create a smoother and tighter look.

Strong forming shirt made from the best Supima cotton. This means softer, stronger and more luxurious. A tank you will therefore enjoy for a long, long time. Read more
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    Strong forming shirt made from the best Supima cotton. This means softer, stronger and more luxurious. A tank you will therefore enjoy for a long, long time.
    Strong forming shirt made from the best Supima cotton. This means softer, stronger and more luxurious. A tank you will therefore enjoy for a long, long time. Read more
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      Strong forming shirt made from the best Supima cotton. This means softer, stronger and more luxurious. A tank you will therefore enjoy for a long, long time.
      Shapewear for Men

      What is shapewear for men?

      For women, it is very common to wear corrective underwear or shapewear. For men, it is less common. Although there are plenty of shirts with compression in them for better posture. The shirts are therefore often used for posture improvement, but they do much more than that.

      Shapewear for men is underwear designed to shape and support the body, similar to shapewear for women. It is often worn under clothing to create a smoother and tighter look.

      We believe shapewear should be as prevalent for men as it is for women. How nice is it when you can wear a figure enhancing shirt or shirt that improves your physique?

      Benefits of shapewear for men

      Wearing shapewear has some great benefits for you as a man:

      • It strengthens your chest which naturally makes you assume a prouder posture. Your shoulders are also pushed back a little, making you stand straighter
      • A (small) belly? Corrective shirts flatten your belly so you see less markings in your shirt or shirt.
      • Your shoulders and (lower) back get extra support through various compression zones woven into the shirts.
      • Shapewear men has the advantage that it is almost always made of cooling materials. The materials are breathable and provide ultimate comfort.

      Our range of men's corrective underwear

      Already hundreds of thousands of women, all over the world, are familiar with US Shapewear brand Spanx, including many famous women, such as Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez. But not only women, many men in the showbiz industry also wear Spanx shapewear for men.

      Spanx has various models of men's corrective shirts; round neck, a low v-neck or a tank top shirt. There is the right T-shirt for every man with the new male corrective underwear Spanx shapewear for men. Spanx is a premium brand with top quality shapewear. Spanx for Men is soft, comfortable to wear and still provides powerful t-shirt shaping. Men enjoy the men's shapewear sensation of Spanx every day.

      Other shapewear suppliers also make corrective underwear for men. We have some shirts from LEO's collection. A Leonisa brand, LEO is a high-tech menswear brand, with garments made 100% sustainably in America for more than 6 decades.

      Each piece is made with the latest technology, designed for all-day comfort, a confidence boost and a perfect fit.

      Correcting shirt men

      The corrective shirts for men thus enhance your figure and accentuate and shape your abdominal and chest muscles with the special compression zones in the T-shirt. The beautiful and masculine design makes you look tighter and slimmer. The models on Curveswear.com can be seen, so there is no need to be ashamed. The shirts come in black and white.

      In short, shapewear for men creates a confident tight look and you will radiate that too!

      Prefer to wear a shirt under your shirt? Those also come with enough compression to get your upper body in good shape. A shirt is just a little less warm than a shirt and you won't see any sleeves under your shirt. Also, a corrective shirt is easy to wear under an ordinary t-shirt.

      Sizing for men's shapewear

      To determine the size of corrective underwear, take some measurements and compare them with the size chart of the brand you are considering. Here are the steps:

      • Measure your waist circumference: use a tape measure to measure the narrowest part of your waist, usually about 2.5 cm above your navel.
      • Measure your chest size: best to measure it at the level of your nipples.
      • Look at the size chart: look up the size chart of the brand you want to buy and compare your measurements with the indicated sizes. Often your normal dress size is the right size for corrective underwear men. If you buy men's corrective underwear too small then it will be too tight and you will see too much markings. If you buy it too large then it will do little for your body. But if you are between sizes, choose the larger size for more comfort. If in doubt, buy two sizes and try them on at home before deciding which size to keep.

      Washing instructions

      It is important to wash men's corrective underwear correctly to maintain its quality and corrective effect. Here are some general guidelines for washing men's corrective underwear:

      Read the washing label: Read the underwear's washing label first to see if there are specific washing instructions to follow.

      • Hand wash or machine wash: It is usually safe to wash men's corrective underwear in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. However, if in doubt, it is better to wash the underwear by hand.
      • Use a mild detergent: Use a mild detergent specially designed for delicate fabrics to wash the underwear. Do not use fabric softener as this is not good for men's shapewear.
      • Do not bleach: Do not use bleach when washing corrective underwear as it may damage the fabric.
      • Dry men's corrective underwear on a flat surface: Do not hang strong corrective underwear to dry, as gravity can stretch the underwear and reduce the corrective effect. Instead, you can lay the underwear flat on a towel to dry.
      • Do not iron: Do not iron men's corrective underwear as the heat can damage the fabric and reduce the corrective effect.

      It is important to remember that corrective underwear for men is made of compression fabric, which tends to crease and stretch if not cared for properly. Therefore, always follow the washing instructions on the washing label to prolong the life of the underwear and maintain its corrective effect.

      Discover SPANX Men

      Do you think of a straitjacket when it comes to compression, jerseys and shirts? Thankfully, times have changed. Of course, there are shirts that are a bit more focused on shaping your body tighter like Spanx's Zoned Performance line. This shirt wraps your torso tightly, making love handles disappear like snow in the sun and menboobs a thing of the past. Even the turtleneck can be taken out of the closet again. It will look great on you.

      Want more of a shirt to smooth and straighten you out? Then opt for Spanx's Cotton Compression. This is really comfortable and stays cool under your shirt. And looks really perfect when you often wear a (tailored) suit.

      Frequently asked questions

      We try to give you as much information as possible about men's corrective underwear. Below we answer some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions afterwards, feel free to contact us.

      Is wearing men's shapewear comfortable?

      Corrective underwear for men can be comfortable, but this can vary depending on the brand, model and personal preferences. It is important to choose men's corrective underwear that fits your body shape well and is made of high-quality materials.

      Here are some factors that can affect the comfort of compression underwear:

      1. Size and fit: Make sure you choose the right size based on the manufacturer's size chart. A size that is too tight may cause discomfort, while a fit that is too loose may not provide the desired compression. A good fit should feel comfortable and provide sufficient support without being squishy.
      2. Material: Choose compression underwear made of breathable and moisture-wicking materials such as cotton, elastane and polyamide. These materials provide comfort, prevent excessive sweating and keep you cool and dry while wearing.
      3. Seamless design: Compression underwear with a seamless design can help reduce friction and irritation on the skin, making it more comfortable to wear, especially during longer periods.
      4. Freedom of movement: Choose compression underwear that offers enough freedom of movement, especially if you wear it during physical activity. It should be flexible and allow you to move freely without restrictions

      At first, men's corrective underwear may feel a little tight, as it is meant to provide compression. This can take getting used to, but it shouldn't cause pain or discomfort. If you experience persistent discomfort, it's better to choose a different size or brand.

      It is best to try different brands and styles and listen to your own comfort level. What is comfortable for one person may feel different for another.

      Can I wear men's shapewear under all types of clothing?

      Yes, in general, corrective underwear for men can be worn under different types of clothing. It is designed to be discreet and provide a smooth base, allowing you to camouflage problem areas and create a more streamlined look.

      Whether you wear a suit, shirt, T-shirt, jumper, trousers or jeans, shapewear for men can help achieve a smoother and tighter look. It can help reduce or hide any bulges, love handles, tummies or other imperfections.

      If you wear a T-shirt, consider a compression shirt or a corrective shirt to shape your upper body.

      It is also important to choose the right size and ensure a good fit. Corrective underwear that is too tight or fits incorrectly can be uncomfortable and cause visible lines or creases under your clothes. Always follow the manufacturer's sizing guidelines and adjust the underwear if necessary for the best possible fit.

      Make sure you choose corrective underwear that you are comfortable wearing and that you can move freely.

      Does men's shapewear differ from women's shapewear?

      Yes, shapewear for men and shapewear for women generally have different designs and purposes, so they correct in different ways.

      Shapewear for men is often designed to address specific problem areas, such as the abdomen, waist, thighs and buttocks. It provides tight compression to firmly support and shape these areas. The purpose of shapewear for men is usually to create a smoother and tighter appearance, especially under clothing. It can help to accentuate body contours and improve posture.

      On the other hand, corrective underwear for women usually aims to shape and support different areas, such as the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts. It often offers specific support, such as lifting cups for the breasts and shaping panels for the tummy and buttocks. The aim of corrective underwear for women is to create a smooth and shapely look, accentuating the body in the desired way and correcting any problem areas.

      The design and cut of shapewear for men and corrective underwear for women often differ to accommodate different body shapes and target areas. The fit, support and compression levels can also vary between men's and women's underwear.

      Some forms of shapewear and compression underwear is unisex and can be and can be suitable for both men and women, but there can still be subtle differences in terms of design and target areas. It is always advisable to look for specific compression underwear or corrective underwear designed for your own gender to get the best possible fit and corrective effects.