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We are CurvesWear.com

CurvesWear specializes in shapewear (correctional underwear) that you can confidently wear. We believe that shapewear, in addition to accentuating your beautiful qualities, should also be beautiful, elegant, and sexy.

You are beautiful as you are

We women are often very critical of ourselves. Why? Be kind to yourself! Accept who you are, with your beautiful and less perfect sides. You'll feel so much better and be more confident when you let your best self shine through.

In fact, you do that every day! For example, by applying mascara or lipstick, styling your hair, but also by regularly visiting the hairdresser, beauty specialist, getting a manicure, pedicure, and perhaps going to the sauna. It's great to pamper yourself because you deserve it!

Sparkle & Shine!

We want to contribute to that best version of yourself with shapewear that complements your curves. Embrace your curves and let your dress, skirt, new or old outfit look even better with the right shapewear.

Shapewear shouldn't be shamewear; it should be shinewear. We want to make sure you shine even brighter.

That's why Inge & Alonda started CurvesWear. You are at the center of our attention, and we're here to listen so you can shine.

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Embrace your curves